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Services and products

The services we provide are various, ranging from logging and processing wood to the exportation of products made of wood. Regarding these industrial activities, we use the latest manufacturing equipment and we have our own machines that enable us to work in optimal conditions to offer you quality.

We provide, besides cutting, processing and exportation, intermediation services that makes it easier for you to come into possession of the pieces of work or products desired.

Drying of timber and wood products made by us is performed in our own direct labor operations, in rooms specially designed for automatic drying.



Wood cutting – after cutting the logs, they will be cut with special saws that allow increased flexibility and optimum performance. This cutting or logging plays the role of capitalizing the wood texture and design, and even from this point the wood is improved in order to be used on furniture or other such products.

Timber processing – we also provide timber processing services and you should contact us if you want these kind of services, to create some designs or some building materials from logs.

Timber drying – when it comes to this field, we have modern equipment for drying wood and this work will be performed in rooms specially designed for it, using the most recent equipment.

Grading and sanitation – we offer grading wood services so you can select what suits your needs best. We also provide timber sanitation, which means that it will be treated and it will not be subject to damage, regardless of internal or external risk factors.

Timber packaging – these services are developed to offer you assistance, to have an idea of what you need, regardless how you will use the wood. The timber will be arranged and cut to the same size, so it will be easier to be transported.

Labeling on request – we can label the wood or timber packages according to customer requirements, but we can also process it in order to be transported easier and to meet your needs as well.

Quality grades:

  • A – timber of the highest quality;
  • B – timber of quality inferior to grade A;
  • C – timber of quality inferior to grade B;
  • CX – timber of quality inferior to grade C.



Loseware – ideal to be used as building materials, or to create resistant wooden structures.

Bars – they can also be used in wood construction industry and to create furniture as well.

Planks – are suitable for constructions and to make furniture, besides other domestic uses.



Our company
Our company ensures the services required by our customers, from wood exploitation and processing to the exportation of products. We make use of only our latest equipment in the manufacturing processes.

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