Wood is joy

About us

We conduct a family business that passed from generation to generation, until we reached at the point when we can state that we have developed a prosperous business, with a solid base. We are specialized in woodworking, so please contact us if you want to benefit of quality work when it comes to cutting, processing and exportation of wood.

We develop this business for three generations now and we are led by our joy of wood in everything we do, because this company has been transmitted from father to son so far. The products and services provided by us are of the highest quality and we take pride in this.

About us we can add that we are open minded and receptive to customer desires, because we believe that it is the only way how we can continually develop in order to constantly provide quality services at prices as fair as possible.

Our headquarters and factory are placed in Campulung Moldovenesc, Suceava county, where there is history regarding woodworking, because it is located right in the heart of Bucovina, region which is known for its forests and for wood processing as well. Please contact us if you want services of the highest quality, because we will provide it to you with respect to your needs and requirements.

Our company
Our company ensures the services required by our customers, from wood exploitation and processing to the exportation of products. We make use of only our latest equipment in the manufacturing processes.

Tel / Fax:
0230 314267
Street Calea Bucovinei 75